Open questions

Here you can ask new questions to the WikiMANNia editorial staff.

Please note:

  1. Please do NOT ask us to explain the world to you. We don’t know either.
  2. Please do not ask about topics that are already explained in detail in the wiki. You have NO right to have it explained again exclusively for you.
  3. Please do not ask questions about personal cases. Instead, please contact appropriate counselling services.
  4. Please do not ask for HIDDEN information. Everything we know is also on the wiki. We do not keep information “under the counter”, only giving it out on special request.
  5. Please do not ask opinion questions. The editors will neither confirm nor refute your opinion. Everyone is responsible for his or her own opinion.
  6. Please also do not ask party-political questions. The editorial board is not party-politically bound and will not comment on party-political matters.
  7. Questions about internal editorial matters will not be answered.

Questions that have already been answered can be found here.

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