Foreigners and refugees

WikiMANNia is not about foreigners and refugees.

Many German men see foreign women as an alternative after having had bad experiences with German women regarding separation, divorce, false accusation and parent-child alienation.

WikiMANNia addresses this widespread misconception about women. The topic of foreigners is completely irrelevant.

Furthermore, the WikiMANNia editorial team has many similarities and parallels between the aid industry and refugee aid. Here, too, the issues of refugees and migration are completely irrelevant. It is primarily about the beneficiaries and useful idiots, the war profiteers and cheats.

Remarkable for politics and society is however:

In Germany there is a welcoming culture for migrants, an abortion culture for the unborn and a destruction culture for families.

Double standards are that there is protection against deportation for criminal and illegal immigrants, but there is no protection against abortion for unborn children.