Germany Hates BME?

Look what I got in the mail today:

Cover letter
(Auf Deutsch)
Letter of Intent (?)
(Auf Deutsch)
Letter of Explanation
(In English)

It seems that BME is being charged under new German law with the equivilent of corrupting the youth. It’s unclear to me what that means as far as fines or jail, or whether I can ever return to Germany. It does mean though, that come a week from now, it may be illegal to transmit BME in Germany.

I assume that BME was picked out because there are a number of images in BME/HARD, and BME/extreme, that are available to the public without a password that may not be suitable for children in many people’s opinion. If that is the real reason, I expect that many sites will start being banned in Germany soon, since “sample images” are essential to sites that maintain members-only galleries.

Seeing that Germany is one of the largest international consumers of BME, I hope that those of you there will express your opinion to your local government, even if anonymously. Let them know that you feel that as unusual as BME is, that it is a valid and educational subcultural resource, and to ban it would be to strike a blow at art and personal expression.

BPjS, the organization responsible for this potential ban may be reached at:

Postfach 26 01 21
53153 Bonn

Telefon (0228) 37 66 31
Telefax (0228) 37 90 14

Thanks for your help and support,