Why anti-feminism?

In short:

Feminism is based on the conspiracy theory that men all over the world collectively conspired against women to oppress, beat, rape and exploit them. Feminists fight marriage and family because the bourgeois family is the enemy. Women are collectively staged as victims and men are denounced as perpetrators. Thus a resentment manifests itself against everything masculine, up to and including open hatred of men. This causes a profound division in society that must be overcome.

Feminism has brought about a profound division in society that will destroy society in the long term. The resentment against all masculinity poisons gender relations, which has a paralyzing effect on society. The enmity between women and men that feminism has provoked has alienated the sexes from each other. Every understanding is thwarted by the nagging of feminists. That is why feminism must be destroyed just as National Socialism once was. Only in this way can hatred be overcome and men and women meet at eye level. In this way, women and men can shape the future together.